Overview of Curricular Options

Academics: Overview of Curricular Options

Curricular option at a glance
Type of Program Type of courses Credits per course
Special courses for foreign students Curso de Estudios Hispánicos (CEH) Spanish languages classes
Courses of a general nature, most commonly in the Humanities and Social sciences
Direct enrollment options Asignaturas de grado Undergraduate courses for regular Spanish university students (at both the UC3M and the UCM) 6
Cursos de Humanidades (CH) General education partial-credit courses for regular UC3M students 2-3

VWM students enrolled at the UC3M may enroll in courses designed especially for foreign students through the Curso de Estudios Hispánicos (CEH). They may also enroll directly in regular Spanish university courses, asignaturas de grado, at either the UC3M or the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM). Thanks to a long-standing agreement between Wesleyan and the UCM (the Complutense), VWM students may enroll in courses at the UCM in fields not offered at the UC3M (the Carlos III). In the past, program participants have used this option to take courses in the Humanities, Social Sciences, and Natural Sciences and Math (for instance, Spanish Literature, History, Art History, Studio Arts, Psychology or Biology).

Curso de Estudios Hispánicos (https://www.uc3m.es/C3IS/CEH/cursos&rendermode=preview)

The UC3M registers and processes the transcripts for American university students through the office of the CEH. Various members of the UC3M faculty offer courses, primarily in the Humanities and Social Sciences under the auspices of this program. CEH also administers the language placement exam and staffs a full range of Spanish-language courses for foreign students. All courses offered by CEH carry a 6-credit load and are graded. For a list of Asignaturas de CEH, click here.

Direct enrollment option 1: Asignaturas de grado 

Asignaturas de grado are full-credit courses required of Spanish students in order to complete their undergraduate degree, or grado. During Orientation, the program staff helps students assess their choices within the wide range of options available, according to their major needs or preferences, and in the light of their language proficiency and the academic expectations of the professor for any given course. Year after year, VWM students do very well in these direct-enrollment courses, which ensure a more authentic intellectual challenge and a far greater opportunity to meet Spaniards than CEH courses.

For more general information, please refer to the section Your Semester in Spain: Overview, the first item under the Academics link of the program site.

For a list of titulaciones de grados  (majors) at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, click here. Once you’re on the Carlos III grados page (you can google Carlos III grados through any browser if you find our link is broken), click on a major/department (Grado or Doble Grado, Facultad or Departamento) that interests you. Then look for the Programa link, which provides a breakdown of courses offered in the major. Course descriptions are available by clicking on the course titles, which are live links. This course description indicates which campus the course is taught on: you should favor courses taught on the Getafe campus although the occasional course on the Leganés campus (about 10 minutes from Getafe by a university shuttle) is feasible. For even more detailed course information, click on the pdf icon in the upper-right corner of the course description. For course grupos (or sections) and corresponding schedules, return to the department page and click on the Horarios link instead of Programa. In Spanish schedules (whether at the Carlos III or the Complutense), if you see a reference to teoría or magistral that indicates the lecture. All enrolled students are expected to attend that on the same schedule. The práctica and/or grupo refers to discussion sections, only one of which you’re expected to sign up for and attend (grupos are deliberately scheduled at different times to maximize access).

For a list of titulaciones de grados (majors) at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, click here. For course-related information at the Complutense, see also the separate subheading for the Complutense under Academics.

Direct enrollment option 2: Cursos de Humanidades (CH)

All regular UC3M students, without regard to their major, must meet general education requirements by completing a certain number of 1-, 2- or 3-credit courses offered under the auspices of the Facultad de Humanidades. These tend to be monothematic courses (more like those offered in American liberal arts colleges and universities than the grados) and therefore offer a unique learning experience.  They are scheduled irregularly throughout the semester, starting anytime after the third week of classes.

VWM participants may enroll in CH courses provided that they are in Spanish, are not categorized as semipresencial (i.e. courses that only meet a couple of times during the semester and assign work from home and online) and that spaces are available.

For more information about the Cursos de Humanidades, click here. You can also google Cursos de Humanidades Carlos III, click on the top link (or the one that starts portal.uc3m.es), look for the Alumnos de Grado heading, and then the Curso de Humanidades subheading. For course information, click on either the live link “por titulación” (courses organized by majors) or the live link “por denominación” (a list of all CH courses arranged by course title). The latter link makes it possible to look at all CH courses at once: it provides a list of all partial-credit Cursos de Humanidades at the Carlos III organized first by the fall semester (Primer Cuatrimestre), then by the spring semester (Segundo Cuatrimestre). The left-most link provides detailed course-information; the flag to the right of it indicates whether a course is taught in Spanish or English; the right-most icon and live link provides schedule information (the link itself is named for  the host department; a further designation in parentheses indicates the course is taught on a campus other than Getafe, such as Colmenarejo, which should be avoided).  If you see a “semipresencial” to the right of that right-most link, it indicates a MOOC course (i.e., part of it is taught by internet). The program only authorizes fully “presencial” courses.

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