Program Support for Cultural Events

Program Support for Cultural Events

Students receive partial or full reimbursement for a wide variety of cultural activities while in Spain. These reimbursements are intended to facilitate students’ social integration and to enhance their knowledge of Spanish culture. Reimbursement for activities without a clear Spanish-language or Hispanic cultural component will as a rule not be authorized by the Resident Director. Consult the following table for more information:

Reimbursement Activity
100% Activities required by students’ courses. Classes and activities recommended and approved by the Resident Director.
Museums in Spain. (Students should use their International Student Identity Card when visiting museums to obtain student discounts–reimbursement applies to the discounted ticket.)
On-campus cultural activities organized by the Espacio de estudiantes.
Membership in certain cultural associations such as CityLife Madrid and Disfruta Madrid Más, at the discretion of the Director.
50% of a student ticket /

100% of a student ticket

Off-campus and other extra-curricular activities may be reimbursed following consultation with the Resident Director. Approval requires that the activity have a clear academic, intellectual or cultural dimension. This normally includes theater, cinema, concerts, dance and other activities that have obvious academic merit (historical, artistic, musical, or literary) and are directly related to the Spanish language and/or Hispanic cultures. One Spanish sports-related ticket will be reimbursed at 50% up to 30 euros. Many relevant cultural activities announced by the Director throughout the semester will be reimbursed at 100%.

IMPORTANT: Reimbursements are processed at the beginning of each month. Receipts must be submitted, without exception.