Practical Information: Passport Registration in Spain and ID Cards

US Passport Registration in Spain
Students must register their local Madrid address and passport number with their embassy (U.S. or otherwise) during orientation week, either by means of the “Registration Form” available in the Program office or in person at the Embassy. This registration greatly facilitates replacement if the passport is stolen; otherwise a birth certificate and other documents will be necessary. The passport is needed whenever doing business at the Embassy.

The US Embassy in Madrid is located on Calle Serrano, 75 (28006 Madrid)
Tel: 91 577 40 00; 91 587 22 00; Office hours: Mon–Fri: 9:00-12:30 / 3:00–5:00

Student ID cards
The program provides students with various ids and passes, including transport passes.  For this purpose, we ask that before arrival in Spain you provide a scanned color jpg image (NO OTHER DIGITAL FORMAT WILL WORK) of a passport-size photo as an attachment to the Assistant Director in Madrid (Pepa Eizaguirre).  Pepa’s email address is:‎