Field Trips

The program staff customarily organizes four to six field trips per semester, two of which are weekend-long excursions. These excursions are academic and cultural in nature, designed to enhance students’ knowledge of Spanish history, art, politics, geography, and ethnography. They enable participants to learn about key aspects of history and culture (including gastronomy) that cannot be learned in classrooms, even in Spain. They are chosen to complement the orientation sites, so that students can see for themselves the extraordinary natural and cultural diversity of Spain. They are routinely described by students as among the most rewarding (enlightening and entertaining) aspects of the study-abroad experience. For this reason the program covers all major expenses related to these trips and requires attendance in at least four of them, including the two weekend trips. Also for this reason, the program will invite (paying major expenses) a close family member or friend (or two) if coincidence of dates with a visit cannot be avoided. We cannot invite a whole army but the program is happy to arrange for this with some advance warning, since our mission also is to help those close to program participants learn about the many unsung marvels of Spain. Because these excursions take considerable planning and coordination with other aspects of the program, the schedule is normally shared by the director at the beginning of the term. Potential visitors tempted to rush plans or line things up months in advance should bear in mind that, outside of a handful of high holidays, it’s easy to line up transportation and lodgings within a week or two of travel dates without significant differences in cost: don´t let the airlines fool you into thinking otherwise! Since we only ask that students set aside two weekends out of 16 and another three days in four months for this purpose, we expect family and friends to bear this in mind so they do not inadvertently undercut a program student´s full academic and cultural experience abroad.