Practical Information: Volunteer and Extracurricular Work Opportunities

Volunteer and extracurricular work are especially effective means of integrating socially and becoming fluent in Spanish. Our program is excited to offer students the opportunity to volunteer with the Red Cross of Getafe in their “School Success” program. Our students teach English, tutor different subjects, or simply help Elementary or Middle School Spanish students with their homework. They will also have the opportunity to play sports or do field trips during weekends. The groups usually meet in the late afternoon and the Red Cross requires a weekly commitment of 2-3 hours.

Other opportunities including teaching English to children through an independent program will be announced to students upon their arrival in Spain.

Those interested in volunteering should bear the following in mind:

  1. The program is able to help students work on a volunteer basis (not for a salary) and the program does not provide credit for such work.
  2. Volunteers require good language skills and a firm commitment to stick with the job through the semester.

If interested, let the resident director and the assistant director (Pepa Eizaguirre, at know upon your arrival in Spain.