About the UC3M

Our program in Spain is located on the campus of the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M), in the Madrid suburb of Getafe (20 minutes by commuter train from the city center). Founded in 1989, the Carlos III is a relatively small university (14,000 students) with an outstanding faculty and exceptional facilities. VWM participants are enrolled as regular UC3M students and they enjoy all of the privileges afforded to their Spanish counterparts.

Representatives from Vassar College and Wesleyan University chose the UC3M for its many advantages relative to other campuses near Madrid and in other parts of Spain. These advantages include:

  • a distinguished, young and energetic faculty eager to help their students;
  • manageable size;
  • a wide range of direct-enrollment courses in social sciences and humanities;
  • modern and attractive facilities (classrooms, offices);
  • access to computers and internet facilities;
  • sports facilities and the intramural athletic program;
  • a wide range of extracurricular activities and classes (music, dance, theater, athletics) organized for Spanish students (but open to international students) and for European students at the Carlos III through the Erasmus exchange program (Spain receives more Erasmus exchange students than any other European country);
  • a well-organized and efficient administration eager to help our students make the most of their experience.

These extracurricular cultural activities and sports are an excellent way to meet Spanish and other international students from across Europe and improve your command of the language and learn about the culture in a more informal way than through your classes.