Student Pledge

Before leaving the United States VWM students sign the following pledge:

“I accept the obligation to behave responsibly while in Spain and to obey local laws and social norms, as well as my home institution’s academic honor code and code of social conduct. I understand that the Director is authorized to expel me from the program and send me home if my actions and/or attitudes so warrant. If my infraction of either Spanish law/norms or my home institution’s academic or social behavior code is considered corrigible, the Director will issue a written warning notifying me and the relevant official on my home campus that I have placed myself in jeopardy of suspension. If my actions are deemed to be potentially harmful to myself or others, or to the learning environment on the program, the Director, in consultation with the appropriate home-campus official, has the authority to expel me from the program and send me home immediately.”

Students also pledge their commitment to: (1) the exclusive use of Spanish while participating in the program; (2) active participation in all program-sponsored activities; (3) faithful attendance in class.